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Steve Owens is an active member of the community working to bring prosperity and public awareness to issues that affect all of our members. He is committed to ensuring our community remains a vibrant place to live, raise a family, enjoy the outdoors, and do business.

As your senator he will make sure that the legislature remains focused on providing high quality education for every student in Washington, working with businesses and industry to promote a cleaner more sustainable environment, economicaly liberating small businesses to level the playing field and protect against the destruction of local jobs by global multi national corporations, and promoting the welfare of the most vulnerable members of our society with a compassionate understanding that each situation is unique.

Steve Owens is serious about making elections fairer and more accessible for citizens across Washington to ensure everyone can participate in our political process while better enabling them to make more informed decisions. He will work tirelessly to ensure that the citizen to government interface is as painless and positive as possible by promoting legislation which encourages a more customer-service oriented mind set in the agencies we create to serve the public good.

Steve is a working father, with children of his own in this community. He understands what it is to raise children in Olympia and will tirelessly promote the continued improvement of our educational institutions and the services they provide to each of our students.

As a small business owner he understands the challenges we face in the 22nd District and will champion causes that promote economic vitality and bring good paying jobs to our community so that when our children graduate, they may find a hospitable place to work and live.

As a software engineer, he understands the importance of cyber security, privacy, and the freedom of the Internet. He recongizes the important role that technology plays in not only bringing more jobs to our area, but also in creating a more vibrant and sustainable industry that works in harmony with the environment and treads lightly upon our planet.

As a nine year Navy veteran, Steve understands the peculiar challenges military families face and the tremendous sacrifice that service to our country demands not only from the active duty service member but also from their families. He understands that supporting our troops means more than putting a ribbon on our car or flying a flag on veterans day. It means ensuring that they have access to the veteran care they deserve, remembering the sacrifices that veterans have made for our country.

Steve Owens is able to see both the challenges and opportunities we currently face as well as the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead of us in the years to come. It is time for new blood in the Senate, and it is time to elect new leadership that understands the realities of the present day and who looks ahead to the future.